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Wrapping up with a smile

Wrapping up with a smile

We love Christmas. Nothing beats that warm feeling it gives you. Chilled out times. Close knit families. Gifts from Santa. It’s what makes the season so merry – even though you could end up with another hand-knitted sweater from Auntie Pen(gui)ny!
Thankfully our Europa jumpers always have them queuing up. They’re "green” coz they’re made from our recycled furniture fabric. Although the details of exactly how that’s done are a bit woolly.
Anyway, we’ll be migrating to our homes (to secretly practice our ‘knit one, pearl one’, if we’re being honest) on 20th December at 4pm
But don’t worry. We’ll be marching back (just like our flightless friends) on the 2nd January at 08.00am. Ready and waiting, with a warm welcome and tales of festive cheer.
Merry Christmas
All the best
The Europa Team

Posted: 26/12/2013
Tags:  fun

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