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Working in the events industry, as I’m sure is the same with many (if not all) paths of life, we get to experience the ups, the downs and the ‘everythings-in-between’! I mean, for the best part of my career I feel like I’ve been permanently strapped to the Turbo Coaster – the ‘speed demon of Brighton Palace Pier, in case you didn’t know.

Of course that does mean that day-to-day work is anything but boring (think more along the lines of fast paced, exciting and generally a lot of fun); but it does also mean it’s not without the stresses of imminent deadlines, narrowly avoided disasters and there simply not being enough hours in the day – sound familiar, Event Profs?

And sometimes…. Just sometimes…. I need to stop, collaborate and listen to a trusted friend, colleague or mentor about the need to SLOW DOWN juuuuuussssstttt a smidgen.

As many of you will agree, there’s nothing better than organising, or being involved in, an event that comes together like clockwork. It leaves you feeling all warm and cuddly inside, right? But we all know just how much goes into making it look easy. You need only think back a week, or to a recent event when you were possibly fretting about suppliers, guest lists, disappointments and no-shows forever fuelled by delivery disasters and bad customer service. Arghhhhhhhh!

We’ve all been there, and sadly reaping in the successes inevitably comes with a huge amount of hard work and all of the stresses associated. We’ve all heard the saying ‘be like a swan, calm on the surface but paddling furiously underneath’!

And whilst that’s fine, for the most part, sometimes it can all feel just a bit too much. And when that’s the case it’s just as important to air your problems, recognise when you need some extra help and factor in some well-deserved TLC to help you get back on track.

As much as you may LOVE your job and thrive under pressure, there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate some YOU time into the day. Simple things like a glass of cold water, a breath of fresh air, getting out of your seat and stretching your legs or catching up with a colleague about the most recent episode of your guilty pleasure TV show (Real Housewives of, well, just about anywhere, anyone?) should be encouraged because, believe it or not, taking little breaks will actually increase productivity!

But more than that, it will help to keep you sane. And that’s the most important thing.

And if you’re one of those event profs who work remotely – or often on the road shooting from do to do – take the time to touch base with the team back at HQ. It’s really important to remember you aren’t alone in this sometimes crazy world.

After all, there’s only one person you are absolutely guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with, and you don’t want to spend it with a lesser version of yourself.

What I am trying to say is that I’m sure we’re all guilty of getting caught up in the madness that is the events industry and as FABULOUS as it is, your mental health should remain top consideration allowing you to really get the most out of your work.

Take working here at Europa, for example. Fun, family and friendship are key elements of what makes us work as a business, and wellness is a top priority of ours. If our team are happy and healthy, that’s what matters most. And when they’re not, they know they can speak up and get the help and support they need, when they need it most.

Posted: 11/09/2018
Tags:  latest news  fun

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