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O2 Arena Furniture Hire

The O2 is the finest and most technologically advanced entertainment space the UK has ever seen. Split into 4 key areas which are all versatile within themselves, the possibilities of the type of show, presentation, conference or event that can be staged are endless.

Furniture rentals at the o2 Arena

With a capacity of up to 20,000 depending upon your chosen configuration, our luxurious arena with its perfect sight-lines and stunning sound is a hugely impressive entertainment space. However, it also has the flexibility to stage smaller events and become a more intimate auditorium for as little as 2000 people by using our draping system. The venue has been fully acoustically treated from the 4 foot deep roof to the walls to the seats, which are all individually padded. Joe O'Herlihy, sound manager for U2, assessed our arena for sound quality and his recommendations were incorporated into the design.

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