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Today we remember Steve Murphy Senior, AKA Papasmurf.


11th October 1957 - 2nd October 2017

It has now incredibly been 6 years since Steve left us and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t draw on a funny anecdote or pearl of wisdom that he offered us. For ‘all’ that knew him he was renowned for clowning around and could never be accused of being a ‘shrinking violet’……

We miss him & his antics dearly, but his enthusiasm and gusto lives on throughout the Europa Team and,
with his flag flying high above our HQ, we have no doubt that he’s keeping an eye on us…. As he promised he would!

He even had the presence of mind to prerecord some messages to our clients & team as below…… Get your hankies ready!

Message To Clients & Suppliers

Message to the Office Team

Message to the Warehouse Team

Posted: 27/09/2021
Tags:  latest news  fun

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