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Summer Fruit Salad


I was very happily plodding through the year when it suddenly struck me… Goodness gracious, it’s July!

We’re officially past the half year mark, and before long we’ll be starting the inevitable mince pie and prosecco fueled run up to the ‘most wonderful time of the year’. It feels like only yesterday I was writing about New Year resolutions and eating chocolate for breakfast over Easter.

Well, there’s clearly no time to be reminiscing about times gone by. I’ve got a beach body to be working on, which means nothing but green tea and salad leaves for me for the foreseeable!

We’ve all heard of the rule ‘no carbs before Marbs’, right?

Luckily, I’m a particularly big fan of fruit (if you’ve spotted our latest marketing campaign, you’ve probably worked that out for yourselves) which helps. Tasty, sweet and refreshing; especially during the summer when it’s that bit warmer.

Unfortunately, I am also a rather large fan of cream, so I tend to ruin all of my good intentions by generously burying said fruit under a generous slosh of single, double or whipped (I’m not prejudice!).


Really, putting together a fruit salad is a lot like organising an upcoming event. Confused? Bear with me…

The venue – the place you choose to hold your utterly awesome do – is the fruit salad; and whilst it’s important that it looks nice and tasty, it’s equally important that the ingredients that you put in it are just right. The right size, the right combination and the right price; with just the right amount of cream to give it that all important va va voom.

The point is, when putting on a ‘happening’ you want to create a concoction that looks the part – wowing your guests, and helping to make the venue really POP. And that’s what we do here at Europa.

Wanting to create a sleeker than sleek happening? Think crisp white chairs with splashes of colour sprinkled throughout the space – the PEARfect Summer combo, just like strawberries and cream.

Or why not go for the glamorous hostess with the most-est look with sumptuous swivel stools and illuminated bar tables; because we all know that in order to leave your guests s-PEACH-less and wanting more, standing out from the crowd is key, don’t we?

Here at Europa, our job is to work with our customers to help deliver their ‘vision’, whatever that may be, because we also believe that working with the right suppliers can help things go just peachy.

And if you’re ever struggling to come up with ideas you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got 30,000 items of ingredients, sorry, I mean furniture items, in stock to help get the juices flowing.

So, whether you’re going for a simple, sophisticated vibe or are wanting to go all out with colour and craziness, why not put our services to the test and get in touch for a FRUITful chat about all things events and furniture hire!

We’re pretty sure you’ll love the stock we’ve got and that you will find us GRAPE fun to be around. And finally, we hope you can forgive us for our BERRY bad fruit puns!

Posted: 11/07/2018
Tags:  latest news  fun

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