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Queen’s Jubilee Europaphoria

Queen’s Jubilee Europaphoria

HRH (His Royal Happiness) Papasmurf is officially excited by the Jubilee. Not that you can tell by looking at him.
But we’ll excuse him for getting a little carried away. After all, he has a lot in common with Her Majesty. He’s proud to be British. He lives in the capital…and he has some Corgis of his own
(albeit toy cars). Some also say that he does his best thinking sat on the throne!
So, what better time (ahead of this special weekend of celebration) for us to deliver a personal word of thanks on his behalf to all his loyal subjects for their continued support, and to wish each and every one of you a very enjoyable Jubilee Bank Holiday… let’s hope it’s filled with lots of sunshine and smiles.
All the best
The Europa Team
P.S. Oh and by the way congratulations to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II on this HER Diamond Jubilee!! We love you Ma’am.

Posted: 18/07/2012
Tags:  fun

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