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Karen Butterfield

Nickname None yet...
Role Within Europa Director - anything financial basically
How would you describe
yourself in 3 words?
What 3 words do you think
a colleague would use to
describe you?
Stressy, Rude, Nasty - according to Alan!
What's your favourite song
or what song best describes
you and why?
"killing of Georgie" by Rod Stewart
What makes you smile? Photos of my wedding in a castle in Turkey
If you didn't work for Europa
what would your "alternative"
job be?
Something to do with travel
What's the most embarrassing
thing that's happened to you? 
My "Hen Party" and particularly wearing a T-shirt with a picture of my husband to be John with a moustache!
And finally where's your favourite
place that you like to "Take a seat
and park your Bum"?
Any beach watching the sunset...

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