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Helen Lowe

Nickname "H"
Role Within Europa Events and Marketing Manager
How would you describe
yourself in 3 words?
Sensitive, Caring, Good laugh, Fantastic to be around (OK so that's more than 3 words but hey!)
What 3 words do you think
a colleague would use to
describe you?
Sensitive, "has blonde moments", Good Fun
What's your favourite song
or what song best describes
you and why?
"Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd plus "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zepplin - I'm not that "Old" really just like true Classics!
What makes you smile? When I'm out on "The road" going to shows seeing Cows walking across motorway bridges with not a care in the world looking dopey! No Stress!
If you didn't work for Europa
what would your "alternative"
job be?
I've had a few fun jobs already but I guess it would have to be something re travelling and meeting different people/characters - I seem to attract weird people!
What's the most embarrassing
thing that's happened to you? 
My first "Saturday job" at 15 years old, working in a Chemist and carrying boxes of Durex to the shelf and dropping them for a customer to shout, "don't worry they're made of rubber, they will bounce!
And finally where's your favourite
place that you like to "Take a seat
and park your Bum"?
Love being on the back of my Partners motorbike out in the open feeling free.

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