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Chris Scott

Nickname Scotty or what ever else people feel like shouting at me!
Role Within Europa Warehouse Operative
How would you describe
yourself in 3 words?
Outgoing, Hardworking....
What 3 words do you think
a colleague would use to
describe you?
Hardworking, Outgoing
What's your favourite song
or what song best describes
you and why?
"Always Look on the Brightside of Life" - pointless dwelling on bad stuff really!
What makes you smile? Driving and a Pint but not together of course!
If you didn't work for Europa
what would your "alternative"
job be?
What's the most embarrassing
thing that's happened to you? 
Went out one night and when I went home I went to where I used to live and tried to get in - oops!
And finally where's your favourite
place that you like to "Take a seat
and park your Bum"?
On the Bog!

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