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Anthony Weakner

Nickname You think of it and I've been called it!
Role Within Europa Design and Planning - in reality Papasmurf's and Smurf's B***h
How would you describe
yourself in 3 words?
Reliable, Friendly, Understanding
What 3 words do you think
a colleague would use to
describe you?
Smartass, ****, $$$$
What's your favourite song
or what song best describes
you and why?
"Cigarettes and Alcohol" by Oasis followed by "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult.
What makes you smile? Wickedly, other people's misadventures. i.e. Dean falling down a train embankment while trying to relieve himself in trees!
If you didn't work for Europa
what would your "alternative"
job be?
One of those smoking Beagles!
What's the most embarrassing
thing that's happened to you? 
Handbrake releasing on a van at Sandown racecourse and running my foot over. The Van ended up right out in the middle of the raceourse.
And finally where's your favourite
place that you like to "Take a seat
and park your Bum"?
On my Ocean Kayak, 1 mile out at sea. Total incommunicado.

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