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Our business is all about furniture hire, but where would we be without our people (all 36 of them, to be precise!)? Each and every person fills a vital role; and whilst we may not be small, we are perfectly formed. And perfectly crackers… let’s be honest!

Europa International is a family run business which is at the heart of everything we do. Our big ol’ team of experts go above and beyond on behalf of our clients every single day, and although we take what we do very seriously we’re never afraid to have a little fun while we do it. You need only look at our “FUN PAGE” for proof.

This ‘work hard, play soft’ ethos is driven by the directors, and evident throughout the company; from our drivers, warehouse and sales staff, through to our design and marketing professionals and our excellent logistical crew – they’re so fab they feature in 95% of our marketing collateral!

At the end of it all it’s our people that make our business of delivering the furniture, carpets and panels you need for your events run like clockwork; whether it’s an intimate seminar, an important meeting or an impressive multiday exhibition. And we love it!!

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