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Keeping a level head when things heat up in the Events industry!


With the new school year upon us and the summer holidays officially in siesta mode, many of us operating in the events industry are gearing up for what is our busiest time of year.

Here, our Events and Marketing Manager Helen talks about how to keep a level head when things start to heat up (or cool down, if you know what we mean)!

It’s September.

I say this, not to simply state the flaming obvious (although I appreciate that is exactly what I have done), but by way of a reminder that silly season is now officially upon us.

The summer months have gone. Vamoosed, vanished, no more! And for many of us the hazy serenity of the somewhat (and I do mean somewhat) quieter months in this often chaotic and fast-paced industry are but a distant memory.

Instead, we are confronted with a gauntlet of weeks and months that are jam packed with events of all shapes and sizes and spanning the breadth and depth of the United Kingdom… and I, for one, LOVE IT!

It’s not an easy time of year, granted. No matter how prepared the team here at Europa are - with client briefs often landing in our inboxes well in advance of their shin dig, or corporate gathering, or exhibition – the sheer volume of work means that we are in a constant state of plan, do, review. Not to mention the deep clean that our furniture receives after each and every hire.

Throw in a couple of last-minute requests from fabulous customers caught on the hoof themselves and suddenly in need of a reliable supplier with a can-do attitude to ensure an event goes smoothly (needless to say, they know where to go), and September through to December normally sees us firing on all cylinders.

Not that you would know it from our cool, calm, collected demeanour, though. We’re like the little ducks on the big lakes, paddling hard under the surface to ensure all goes to plan for the people who put their faith in us!

And whilst you’re not necessarily enthusiastically polishing off Tolix stools and bar tables after a ‘do’ in anticipation of the next job, I am 100% certain that we are not alone in being ‘super busy but just about holding it all together’, given the industry in which we operate!

Chances are you too are moving just as rapidly from happening to happening, event to event (although hopefully you’re strategic hire of one of our innovative charging benches meant you were able to stay across your e-mails whilst your clients boogied the night away, or whatever it was they were up to).

 And that, lovely event profs, is why I started this blog with ‘It’s September’.

Like a force to be reckoned with, it is ALWAYS the month that takes people by surprise. Everyone is back from their summer hols, and the formally quiet inbox is suddenly filling up with ideas, demands and requests that all feel rather urgent.

It can feel overwhelming and seeing the wood from the trees is easier said than done. But with a little planning and a little support from the right people, all will fall into place.

Firstly, a calendar can be a huge help. It seems like a rather basic suggestion but having something that you look at in the morning to remind yourself of upcoming deadlines and trigger points – such as confirming a caterer so that you can nail down a theme – can help focus the mind.

Secondly, cut loose dead wood. If a supplier isn’t responding, or they’re just not getting what you need from them, move on. You need people who can move at your pace, not slow you down!

Finally, don’t be afraid to revisit what’s worked before. I’m not saying simply roll out the same old same old, but if you have a number of suppliers who have worked well together before to deliver an event, get them on the case. It’s one less stress for you and, let’s face it, you’ve enough on your plate!

Ultimately, get it right and you’re in for an Autumn/Winter season of amazing events, in amazing venues, put together on behalf of amazing clients who are absolutely AMAZED by what you’ve managed to pull together.

And if you need any help with the furniture hire side of things, you know where to come.
Posted: 24/09/2019

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