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How to dress a room...


So… you’ve chosen the venue, finalised the guest list and decided on just the right kind of grub for the upcoming ‘do’. You’ve got a vision in mind and this is going to be THE event of the season!

But later that evening – say, mid bus ride home, or in the shower - it hits you… ‘How on earth am I going to make this a reality?!’

You’re not alone! We’ve all been there, having realised that we’ve thrown ourselves in at the deep end without a rubber ring, before splashing furiously to stay afloat and getting all panicky about whether the event is going to sink or, umm, swim!

Well, you wonderful events people, first things first, take a deep breath and concentrate on what you can control. In my experience if your guests like what they see the rest will naturally fall into place.

Whether it’s a smart drinks reception, conference or otherwise, top of your list of ‘things to consider’ should first be ‘how much furniture do I need and where am I going to put it’.

Once you’ve figured out your ‘bum to seat ratio’ (i.e. do all of your guests need to be seated or are you aiming for less seating and more mingling), you can start to consider the all-important accessories – AKA, knickknacks, ‘bits and bobs’, things that make your event relevant to you, your business or client, and the people you’ve invited along!

A top trick is to add a splash of corporate colour to proceedings. Perhaps alternate red and blue seating pads, or popping pink party bar tables, or classic black and white sofas for your guests to chill on.

Ultimately, whether your event is intended to be corporate, casual or somewhere in-between, the way in which you dress the room is key - consider the venue a blank canvas on which you can bring your masterpiece to fruition! 

Once you have the look, just right the feel will inevitably follow and everyone will have a marvellous time (promise!).

Posted: 17/06/2019

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