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Fast Pace Techno lives...
According to a recent Telegraph.co.uk article, the average Brit now spends an entire day EVERY SINGLE WEEK online. That, to put it into perspective is a colossal 1,440 minutes.

King Of Event Hire
Europa International - keeping the kings and queens of the events industry firmly on their thrones.

How to have a Spooktacular Fright Night
There is no denying that 2018 brought us one of the most spectacularly glorious summers; with weather that rivalled the Mediterranean, a delightfully understated royal wedding, and...

Today we remember Steve Murphy Senior, AKA Papasmurf.
Today we remember Steve Murphy Senior, AKA Papasmurf. For ‘all’ that knew him he was renowned for clowning around and could never be accused of being a ‘shrinking violet’

Find your haPEA with Europa
When you’ve got a million things on your to do list and no time to spare, it’s often hard to find your haPEA... unless you’re working with Europa, that is.

Wellness with Europa
Working in the events industry, as I’m sure is the same with many (if not all) paths of life, we get to experience the ups, the downs and the everythings-in-between!

Summer Fruit Salad
We’re officially past the half year mark, and before long we’ll be starting the inevitable mince pie and prosecco fueled run up to the ‘most wonderful time of the year’.

Here are some fun facts and figures we produced for a recent magazine.
If in doubt what we’re about, these facts and figures will sort you out...

Hire Happy…
Are you super-duper mega busy? Does your never ending to do list leave you feeling like you’re carrying a massive weight on your shoulders?

Wimbledon - How one delivers a brilliantly British event.
With the summer (HA!) now well underway and July hurtling fast in our direction there is one thing, and one thing only, on my mind… Think balls, think little white shorts, think Wimbledon!

Step right up!
Gather round one and all and go behind-the-scenes of our 2016 calendar photo-shoot, featuring the spectacular, fantabulous, splendiferous Europa team.

Swing Low, Sweet Chairiot (2015)
The World Cup starts on 18 September. So, we dusted ourselves off (and our original Haka video – first launched in 2007) in preparation for chair’ing on the boys in the coming weeks.

Fashionably great.
Styles may change. But our commitment to hiring great looking furniture hire never will. We've got models of all shapes and sizes - promising a great fit, in any space.

Think Europa...Because you have Taste...
Well we think you have taste for looking at our site…oh and a sense of humour like us too! Have some fun with our latest ad campaign.

Ding dong merrily on hire
With Christmas around the corner, we wanted to get in nice and early to wish you season's greetings - we hope you enjoy your'elf' during the festive holiday period.

Halloween 2014 NeverHalfFarted
Strange goings on. Creepy crawlies. Things that go bump in the night. Find some bits about Halloween all a little too scary? Have a break from all those nasties and enjoy the lighter side.

Wrapping up with a smile
We love Christmas. Nothing beats that warm feeling it gives you. Chilled out times. Close knit families. Gifts from Santa. It’s what makes the season so merry.

Some believe that October 31st is when ghosts and spirits gather. Others believe it's a cynical excuse to sell lots of sweets.

Great furniture ideas are hatched here
Easter's a cracking time of year. All that chocolate and lots of cute fluffy animals too. And best of all, while you sit back and enjoy yourself.

We’re all loved up.
Passionate, devoted (and not afraid to show it), our quality service is creating new love stories every day. After all, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than furniture from Europa.


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