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Europa bolsters fleet with environmentally friendly van purchase


Here at Europa International we are always looking for ways to improve our service and help the environment too; so we have expanded our fleet with the purchase of an environmentally friendly, low emissions van that will allow the business to make deliveries within the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone in London without incurring additional costs.

"Event furniture hire firm strengthens offering with low emissions van for London deliveries"

This is a longer-term investment for the company that will allow us, your friendly family run firm to continue to deliver its services to customers across the Capital without compromising the ecosystem, the new Ford Transit 350 2 Litre van arrived just before Christmas and was the perfect present for the team.

Boldly branded with a neon logo that lights up in the dark so that customers (near, and far) can see it as it makes its way up and down the country’s motorways, we feel that this latest addition to the fleet is reflective of Europa’s commitment to the environment.

The Euro 6 category van - which produces the lowest level of emissions for diesel-based engines – is also an investment in the future of the firm, as a business we are committed to ensuring that it can meet the needs of clients within those cities affected by increased regulation with regards emissions.

So keep your eyes peeled for us when you are travelling around as we are off out delivering and installing furniture packages for the events industry in the United Kingdom and further afield.

Posted: 10/02/2020

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