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Conditions of Hire

1. Europa International herein after the company let furnishings on hire only on the following terms and conditions and will not accept or be bound by other conditions so far as they conflict with the following.
2. The period of hire commences from the time of delivery to the person destination or site indicated on the order form from the hirer or where ordered on the telephone by the instructions of the person placing the order. This shall continue until the furnishings (comprising of furniture, carpet and modular) are accepted back by the company. RISK OF LOSS OR DAMAGE will be on the part of the hirer throughout the period of the hire until collected or delivered back to our premises.
3. The hirer shall rent the furnishings at the rates quoted by the company or any subsequently increased rate in force at the commencement of the hire period. The company reserves the right at any time without notice to increase charges (particularly where there is a change in the value of the pound sterling). The hirer undertakes to fully insure all furnishings for the hire period plus at least 3 days prior and 1 day after the conclusion of the event for a sum of not less than five times the hire price.
4. The hirer shall provide at the specified destination a duly authorised representative to accept the furnishings and to give a written receipt. If the hirer fails to provide for this the company shall issue a delivery note to the hirer as conclusive proof of time and delivery by the company.
5. The company rents furnishings in good order and condition. The receipt signed by the representative of the hirer or in the absence of such a receipt the company's delivery note shall be conclusive evidence of such good order and condition unless at the time of delivery or within 24 hours the hirer shall notify any defect to the company by telephone or fax whereupon all responsible efforts will be made to rectify the problem. The hirer undertakes to take care to avoid damage or theft of hired items and to take all reasonable steps to keep and return the furnishings to the company in first class condition. If items of furniture are broken, damaged or lost then the hirer is liable to repair or replacement costs as agreed between Europa International and the hirer. NOTE :- We reserve the right to upgrade or change any item that is out of stock.
6. The company will endeavour to effect delivery of hired furnishings at the time indicated by the hirer but will not under any circumstances be liable for any delay in delivery caused by circumstances beyond the company's control. Liability for any delay in any case will be limited to the refund of any hire charges already paid by the hirer relating to periods of non-delivery or late delivery.
7. Instructions of the hirer (different from those on the requisition) cannot be carried out unless given in writing to the company 21 days prior to action required and accepted by the company in writing. The company shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement due to circumstances beyond the parties' reasonable control including, but not limited to, acts of God, war, government regulations, disaster, disease, pandemics, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, terrorist actions, strikes, civil disorders, curtailment of transportation facilities or other emergencies that make it illegal or impossible for a party to perform its obligations under this Agreement. At the discretion of the company a charge of not less than 50% may be made on all orders cancelled three weeks prior to delivery. For all orders cancelled less than three weeks prior to the dedicated event vehicle leaving for site fulfilment, any on-site cancellations where delivered correctly and where bespoke production has been undertaken on the hirers behalf, NO refund will be issued.
8. If the hirer fails to make available for collection the furnishings at the end of the hire period the hirer shall be liable to pay loss of hire charge at a pro-rata rate until such time as the furnishings are returned to the company or notifies the company by recorded delivery of the loss of furnishings.
9. The furnishings shall remain the property of the company and the hirer shall at all times keep the furnishings in their possession and free from any lien charge or other encumbrance whatsoever. The period of hire shall cease forthwith in the event that any winding up procedures (compulsory or voluntary) are commenced in respect of the hirers business or if any receiver trustee or liquidator is appointed of the hirers business or of any substantial part of it's assets.
10. CARPETS & TILES. - All skirtings to platforms must be removed to allow carpet to be fitted over the edge. Extra cutting due to machines, stand building etc. plus any damage to carpets or tiles :- i.e. oil, ink, ripping etc. we reserve the right to charge. Fitting to design or walls will be charged as extra. All carpets (not tiles) are laid on an outright sale basis unless arranged otherwise.
No liability shall be attached to Europa International for:
(1) Skirtings which have to be removed for the purpose of laying carpets.
(2) Loss or damage however caused to customer's own goods.
(3) Any dilapidation for fixing to hall floors (we use low tack tape, as specified).
All carpets are charged by using full widths of carpet (normally 4 metres wide) in the most economical method.
11. The Hire period is as per the specific quotation or agreement & a supplementary hire charge on a daily pro-rata basis will apply beyond this. Prices include delivery, full duration and collection where we are the officially appointed contractor subject to requirements. In other events there may be a delivery charge, subject to value, we will inform you of this before processing the order. All prices exclude VAT.
12. Unless otherwise agreed all charges as per invoices shall be paid 21 days prior to delivery.
13. The hirer will be expected to empty all lockable items of their property at the close of show. The company can not be held responsible for goods left in said items and removed to effect collection.

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