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Kouros 4' chrome legged desk
H720 x W1220 x D700
DT01 - £67.00
Kouros 5' chrome legged desk
H720 x W1530 x D700
DT02 - £78.00
Sylvanus 5' desk
H730 x W1500 x D740
DT20 - £78.00
Sylvanus 5' reception desk
H1070 x W1500 x D740
DT21 - £95.00
Sylvanus 4' desk
H730 x W1220 x D740
DT22 - £69.00
Sylvanus 4' reception desk
H1070 x W1220 x D740
DT23 - £85.00
Grey or White Desk
H750 x W1530 x D615
DT25 - £78.00
Counter Graphic Only
H0 x W1400 x D640
DT25-GRP - £145.00
1400mm Desk Section
H750 x W1400 x D760
DT27 - £84.00
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Terms & Conditions apply for all furniture hire (available upon request) & prices include delivery & collection where we are the appointed contractor. In other instances please contact us for a quote, there will be a minimum charge dependant on the specifics of the required delivery/collection. Discounts may be available subject to volume and specification. The prices quoted exclude vat at the current rate.

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