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Coffee Table Hire

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Enzo Coffee Table
H380 x W610 x D610
CT01 - £90.00
2'6 Arkana round trumpet base table
H360 x W760 x Ddia
CT02 - £52.00
Arkana 2' round trumpet base coffee table
H360 x W610 x Ddia
CT03 - £50.00
Coffee Table
H480 x W900 x D600
CT12 - £55.00
Coronet coffee table
H400 x W670 x D670
CT17 - £56.00
Coulsdon glass-topped coffee table
H410 x W760 x Ddia
CT18 - £98.00
Osiris 2' round coffee table
H435 x W610 x Ddia
CT20 - £50.00
Osiris 2'6 Round Coffee Table
H435 x W760 x Ddia
CT21 - £54.00
Serpent Coffee Table
H420 x W560 x D760
CT22 - £48.00
Oval Coffee Table
H400 x W1180 x D880
CT25 - £55.00
Coronet Angled Coffee Table
H400 x W60-500 x D670
CT27 - £55.00
Small Square Coffee Table
H460 x W420 x D420
CT30 - £50.00
Cobra square coffee table
H350 x W600 x D600
CT31 - £50.00
Buckingham Leather square coffee table
H400 x W670 x D670
CT32 - £68.00
Cobra round tea table
H350 x W760 x Ddia
CT33 - £50.00
2' Aurora Round Topped Table
H470 x W610 x D610
CT35 - £50.00
Aurora Triangular topped Table
H470 x W770 x D770
CT36 - £55.00
2' Aurora Square Topped Table
H470 x W610 x D610
CT37 - £50.00
Aurora 2'6'' Coffee Table
H470 x W760 x D760
CT38 - £55.00
Optimus 2' Coffee Table
H480 x W610 x D610
CT39 - £50.00
Optimus 2'6'' Coffee Table
H480 x W760 x D760
CT40 - £55.00
Ironhide Executive Rectangular Coffee Table
H500 x W900 x D600
CT41 - £55.00
Black Coffee Table
H460 x W760 x D760
CT42 - £55.00
Mayfair Leather Coffee Table
H330 x W600 x D600
CT43 - £88.00
Aurora Rectangular Coffee Table
H470 x W900 x D600
CT48 - £55.00
Venezia Glass Coffee Table
H480 x W610 x D610
CT51 - £98.00
Eillen Gray Coffee Table
H700 x W520 x D520
CT52 - £98.00
Rectangular 2 tier Coffee Table
H450 x W1000 x D500
CT56 - £115.00
Isamu Noguchi Inspired Coffee Table
H400 x W930 x D920
CT58 - £105.00
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Terms & Conditions apply for all furniture hire (available upon request) & prices include delivery & collection where we are the appointed contractor. In other instances please contact us for a quote, there will be a minimum charge dependant on the specifics of the required delivery/collection. Discounts may be available subject to volume and specification. The prices quoted exclude vat at the current rate.

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