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The events industry, I think it’s fair to say, is fabulously fast-paced, full-on and frantic. Anyone lucky enough to be responsible for any aspect of putting on a ‘do’ will no doubt already know this, and many of you will have a tried and tested coping strategy firmly in place.

For me, said strategy consists of being super organised to ensure that no box is left unticked and no deadline is left unmet. But after 20 something years in the industry I can safely say that managing the sheer volume of tasks is no longer my major challenge.

Nowadays, it’s much more about ‘doing different’.

Now don’t get me wrong - I am NOT one to make light of the many day-to-day demands that fall under the ever expanding role of an events professional. Whether that be overseeing the catering, dealing with the delegates, or delivering and installing all of the furniture.

But whilst these things take time, experience and expertise, the question I always find myself asking after a ‘do’ is done and dusted is: ‘Could I have been less sheep, more goat?’ (bear with me).

In other words, did I take the opportunity to deliver something different and bespoke, or did I follow the flock and stick to what I know works?

Speaking from experience, from the moment the call comes in from a new or existing client the average event extraordinaire excitably starts to brainstorm with gusto. The possibilities are endless!

Fast forward, ooo, all of 35 minutes, and the reality of a tight deadline and a limited budget bring all creative ambitions to an earth shuddering halt.

Cue the roll out of a much loved theme with all of the traditional trappings… and breathe. After all, if it ain’t broke and all that. You’ll re-engage your creative juices next time, right?
But how?

Over the years I have found that the trick is to ensure that you surround yourself with similarly ambitious, creative souls; especially when it comes to choosing your suppliers. If you’ve come up with a totally bonkers concept let your caterers come up with a menu to ‘wow’. If your venue is a little kooky, speak to your furniture hire company about maximising the space!

Believe me. I know that time is of the essence in this industry, and the temptation to stick to what you know can, at times, be overwhelming. But just spend a little moment thinking about all of the things you could achieve with the right team behind you helping to alleviate the pressure and ‘think outside the box’.

After all, in the words of Elizabeth Kenny (umm, she’s like a sort of Australian Florence Nightingale. Google her!): ‘It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life’.

Helen Lowe, Events & Marketing Manager
Europa International

Posted: 09/01/2017
Tags:  latest news

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