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Always delivering on time.

Always delivering on time.

Anyone who works in the industry knows just how easy it is to loose an hour in the day when you're heads down and busy.

But come 1am on Sunday there will truly be a missing hour. When you wake up, the clocks will have gone forward and you'll have lost 60 minutes. Gone. Just like that. And even more worryingly. All the smartphones are in on it.

Luckily, here at Europa we're always ahead of the game and guarantee to deliver on time, whatever the big event. We can't promise it will help you find the missing hour that spring and summer conspire to steal from us, but our ruthless efficiency and great customer service in the run up to an event (not to mention our impeccable time keeping on the day), will certainly buy you a few much needed minutes of peace and tranquility amongst the madness that is the daily 'to-do' list.

Posted: 25/03/2015
Tags:  latest news

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