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A furniture hire tale

A furniture hire tale


When you’ve been in the industry as long as we have you will come across many tales of never to be forgotten, almost magical events. But sadly not all of them have happy endings.

Now, you’ve probably wondered what goes into providing truly great furniture hire, and the role it plays in making sure events are a success. If you haven’t, I’d say it’s time you begun.

You see it doesn’t happen by chance. But there are those who often chance their luck. This is a cautionary tale about those who dare to do just that.

The following story happened not so long ago and is a situation that perhaps you’ve been in yourself. For the story that you are about to be told, took place as those involved prepared for one of the most important events of the year.

Once upon a time there were three successful event organisers. Their events had become so big that they now attracted many people. The run up to the event in question began like any other. All was going well, until the Wicked Boss arrived into the office and demanded to know why they were wasting their time looking at stylish furniture. "You need to go and just find the cheapest furniture – people will only be sitting on it. And take care not to get caught out.”

Early the next morning, with ideas by the basket full, they put on their red coats and set off.

On their search, they came across a warehouse in a forest. So they went inside.

"My, what a big promises about customer service you have,” one of them said. The furniture hire supplier rubbed his hands with glee. "All the better to lure you in with,” came the reply. "My, what big prices you have.” The supplier licked his lips. "All the better to make extra profit with.” The organisers were a little hesitant, and rightly so. But there was more. The longer they talked to him, the bigger his nose grew. Confused by what was happening (and which fairy tale they were in), the organisers left to begin making their plans – faced with three possible furniture hire suppliers to use.

Pretty soon, the furniture started arriving – all except from one supplier. When some of the furniture failed to arrive, they called. "We’ll huff and we’ll puff until they get delivered, if we have to,” they said. Eventually it turned up.

As they were handed the paperwork from all three suppliers, they compared the price they had paid with the quality of the products in front of them. "These are too expensive!” they gasped. "These are too cheap!” they said. "Ah… these are just right.”

Keen to see what the chairs looked like, they took some from the first supplier into one of the rooms. "These chairs are the wrong colour!” they exclaimed. So, they picked up the chairs from another supplier and took them into second room. "These chairs look old and tired,” they said. So, they turned to the last lot of chairs. "These are just right.”

Getting increasingly tired, they turned their attention to the bar stools. "This stool is too uncomfortable!” said one of them One of the others turned to the next bar stool. "This stool is too uncomfortable, too!” she said. "But these ones are just right.”

Okay, so this may be a tall tale. In fact, for those of you who know your fairytales: it’s a little messed up. But when it comes to organising furniture hire for your event, it’s important to deal in fact, not make-believe. Making your own personal hire story spectacular and ensuring you hire happily ever after requires specialist knowledge and skills, and a dedicated team (sometimes seven of them – minus Lazy and Dopey - other times more) who will do everything they can to deliver the furniture you need, when and where it matters.

Posted: 16/12/2015
Tags:  latest news

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