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Welcome to our furniture hire and panel hire website. We specialise in chair hire, stool hire and table hire solutions at affordable prices. In addition to our vast array of event furniture hire solutions we also provide display stand hire and leather lounge furniture rentals. Europa is truly independent furniture and event hire company – family run, with family values. Other services include floorcovering, registration desks, panel hire, electrical, graphic, conference seating and shell scheme hire.


Event Furniture Hire

Our choice of 25,000 event furniture hire products is made up of style, quality, practicality and value for money. Nothing takes a back seat to bringing clients the best. From designer chair hire including white leather furniture, bar stools, linking chairs, catwalk seating, Bench Hire to rope & post, round tables, illuminated tables, floor covering, display stands, panel hire, poster board hire, as well as graphics and electrical solutions. And everything Europa does in event furniture hire is always supported by 100% service, so we have something to be proud of and our clients have more reasons to smile.
Anywhere in Europe
At Europa, we’ve been going further for over 50 years. Literally. In our search for innovative furniture hire products, the quality of our hire service, and in the places we deliver events success. Planning an event in mainland Europe? Let’s talk logistics. So pull up a chair, and take a closer peek at our event hire – the Europa way.
For city furniture hire in Birmingham, please visit our dedicated Birmingham Furniture Hire website, for London visit London Furniture Hire.

What's New
Fast Pace Techno lives...
According to a recent article, the average Brit now spends an entire day EVERY SINGLE WEEK online. That, to put it into perspective is a colossal 1,440 minutes.
Added: 21.11.2018  | Tags:  latest news  fun  technology
King Of Event Hire
Europa International - keeping the kings and queens of the events industry firmly on their thrones.
Added: 19.10.2018  | Tags:  latest news  fun
How to have a Spooktacular Fright Night
There is no denying that 2018 brought us one of the most spectacularly glorious summers; with weather that rivalled the Mediterranean, a delightfully understated royal wedding, and...
Added: 17.10.2018  | Tags:  latest news  fun
Today we remember Steve Murphy Senior, AKA Papasmurf.
Today we remember Steve Murphy Senior, AKA Papasmurf. For ‘all’ that knew him he was renowned for clowning around and could never be accused of being a ‘shrinking violet’
Added: 01.10.2018  | Tags:  latest news  fun
Find your haPEA with Europa
When you’ve got a million things on your to do list and no time to spare, it’s often hard to find your haPEA... unless you’re working with Europa, that is.
Added: 24.09.2018  | Tags:  latest news  fun  About Us
Wellness with Europa
Working in the events industry, as I’m sure is the same with many (if not all) paths of life, we get to experience the ups, the downs and the everythings-in-between!
Added: 11.09.2018  | Tags:  latest news  fun
Summer Fruit Salad
We’re officially past the half year mark, and before long we’ll be starting the inevitable mince pie and prosecco fueled run up to the ‘most wonderful time of the year’.
Added: 11.07.2018  | Tags:  latest news  fun
What does working in the events industry have in common with being...
What does working in the events industry have in common with being a Juror? More than you would think!
Added: 21.05.2018  | Tags:  latest news
We’re looking forward to another year of growth ahead
Following a super successful and very busy 2017, we’ve kicked off 2018 the way we mean to go on by bolstering our fabulous management team with the appointment of Garry Pettitt who joins us
Added: 13.02.2018  | Tags:  latest news
How to make 2018 the year of YOU
If you are like me you start every New Year with the very best of intentions. You wake up on January 1st with a spring in your step and a head full of personal and professional ambitions.
Added: 18.01.2018  | Tags:  latest news
EN Elite Awards and a Legend is honoured...
EN Elite Awards and how a Legend was honoured. Twas the week before Christmas and all through the team, excitement was growing, but what could that mean? Well, the Exhibition News Elite...
Added: 09.01.2018  | Tags:  latest news
A look at the “Ins and Outs” when using a venue for your event
Alfresco, by definition, means to ‘take place or located in open air’. A term typically associated with Mediterranean living, I think we’ll all agree; with their considerably warmer temperat
Added: 03.04.2017  | Tags:  latest news
Be More Goat
The events industry, I think it’s fair to say, is fabulously fast-paced, full-on and frantic.Anyone lucky enough to be responsible for any aspect of putting on a ‘do’ will no doubt already..
Added: 09.01.2017  | Tags:  latest news
Laying the groundwork for a star studded charity event… literally!
Red and yellow and pink and… Framboise? Not the most common carpet colour request we have ever received here at Europa International, but what the client wants the client gets. And WHAT a cl
Added: 16.11.2016  | Tags:  latest news
Here are some fun facts and figures we produced for a recent magazine.
If in doubt what we’re about, these facts and figures will sort you out...
Added: 18.10.2016  | Tags:  latest news  fun
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